Upstairs at the MC Hub your find:


  • Family Contact Room
  • Specsavers Counselling Room
  • Community Training Room
  • Digital Inclusion (run by BCBC)
  • Service Providers  drop-in services

Our Family Contact room includes:


  • Seating for 6 people on comfy colourful sofas
  • Toys for all ages
  • Books for all ages in Welsh and English
  • Interactive games
  • Natural lighting and windows
  • Heating
  • £8 per hour + vat

Our Specsavers Free Counselling room includes:


  • Seating for 6 people on comfy green sofas.
  • Coffee table and desk.
  • Heating.
  • Free if free to service providers clients or £5 per hour + vat.

Our Community Training Room includes:


  • Seating for 16 people.
  • Ceiling projector.
  • White board (pens available at no cost).
  • Flip chart (paper and pens available at no cost).
  • Sound system.
  • Connections for laptops and internet.
  • Heating
  • Free tea and coffee and breakout area.
  • £10 per hour + vat.

Digital Inclusion (run by BCBC)


The digital inclusion is run in our hall on our drop-in desks and is FREE.

Service Providers


Pop into the MC Hub or follow us on face book to find out the latest service providers attending.

Terms and Conditions




Bookings & Changes


When booking our training/meeting/family contact rooms through our Booking Officer, you will receive a confirmed email with a reference number for your booking within 24 hours to the email given when booking. Please check this information and if there are any changes to make please ensure you contact us and quote your reference number, if you do not receive an email within 24 hours of booking please contact the Booking Officer to ensure we have your correct email address.




If you need to cancel your booking, please quote your reference number and be aware of the following charges that could be involved:


  • Training/Meeting rooms - 7 working days notice or more = no charge
  • Training/Meeting rooms - less than 7 working days notice = 100% charge
  • Family Contact rooms - 24 working hours notice or more = no charge
  • Family Contact rooms - less than 24 working hours notice = 100% charge




  • Training and Meeting room bookings can be paid by cash on the day or by 21 day invoice, if you require more than 21 days notice please contact the Finance Director. Please ensure you give the bookers email and contact number and the contact details for your finance department that will pay for your booking if you are not the one who will pay for your booking.
  • Family Contact room bookings that are paid for by a private individual requires payment on the day by cash only. Family Contact rooms can also be booked by local councils which we can allow a 21 day invoice.
  • All charges are plus VAT.


Family Contact Room


Please be aware that Mulligan Community provide toys for all ages in their Family Contact rooms, however it is at the own risk of the guardian or social worker to make sure they are age appropriate for the children using the room.


General Data Protection Regulation 2018


Mulligan Community are committed to treating any data taken from bookings with the highest security and will not sell it to other companies for any purpose, we will only use customer’s information to maintain customer booking and for invoice purposes. We may from time to time contact our customers to offer them discounts for our facilities or to keep them informed of any changes in MC facilities or MC services we feel they would be interested in.




While at the MC Centre / MC Hub Bridgend we have the security of CCTV in all the hallways to ensure we provide a safe and secure environment for all of its clients, footage is kept for approximately two weeks on the CCTV own independent hard drive and is only available for viewing from Mulligan Community or the Police.


Personal Belongings


While at the MC Centre Bridgend each individual is responsible for their own personal belongings, please ensure they are not left unattended in the Centre, as Mulligan Community do not take any responsibility for any loss or damage to any personal belongings left unattended on the premises whether inside the Centre, Hub or parked outside.



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