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'Look not every man on his own things,

but every man also on the things
of others'
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The MC Centre homes a variety of support groups and services all in one place
Coming to the Heart of Bridgend at Parc Tondu in Spring 2017 is The MC Centre Parc Tondu
Set in 11.32 acres of the beautiful Parc Tondu, the MC Centre will be open Monday – Saturday 8am – 8pm. The MC Centre will be for everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, postcode or status and its purpose is to create an infrastructure that best suites the needs and strengths of the community and families it serves. It will provide families and individuals with a variety of support groups and vital services to be able to cope with all that life can throw at us, that help prevent poverty and potentially homelessness and encourage connections, integrations and social inclusion. As you know the availability of social places where the community can gather can have a very strong impact on the lives of people.
The MC Centre at Parc Tondu will have a foundation of facilities and services:
Support Group Services
We are looking at every aspect of what can cause poverty, homelessness and stress in a family or for an individual, every room and service is being carefully monitored to insure the community has all the services that they need to live a happy and enjoyable life. Support groups and services that we would like to see at The MC Centre Parc Tondu, would be (to name a few):

Debt Management, Money training courses
Counselling in all areas of support
Friendship clubs, luncheon clubs
Mental Health Groups, to include: drug, alcohol and gambling support groups
Holiday clubs for Children and Youth
Diet and healthy eating groups, free cooking classes
Bullying, discrimination, hate crime, anti-social behaviour support groups
Neighbourhood watch and feeling safe in your community programmes
Bereavement and veteran counselling and support services
Single parent, troubled parents and family mediation support groups
Health Groups of all areas (diabetes, mental health, cancer to name a few)
Disabled and newly disabled support groups
Free Job Clubs, employment help

We will also look to have other various services available at The MC Centre Parc Tondu such as: weekly table top sales, fresh fruit and vegetable food co-op bag system, weekly meat van, mobile barber shop, mobile library once a week and blood donations. We would also apply to be a point of contact for: Organ donor signup points, shoe box appeals, donations for soldiers, information and learning point for fire safety information and also an RNIB information point and collection point for the RNIB’s talking book service.
The MC Centre Parc Tondu will home a variety of ‘Hubs’ and ‘Centre’s’ providing a vast array of facilities and a base for service providers to help the Community for all of life’s ups and downs.

The ‘Hubs’ are specially tailored to combat poverty and social exclusion for everyone, no matter their postcode.

The ‘Centre’s’ are for everyone who enjoys sports, social events, heritage and nature.
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MC Family Support Office - Available Autumn 2017
Our Family Support service offers free help to any family that needs assistance and support. We support parents as they learn to cope, improve their confidence and build better lives for their children. Families struggling with
post-natal depression, isolation, physical health problems, bereavement and many other issues receive the support of a volunteer who will spend around two hours a week in a family’s home or at the MC Centre supporting them in the ways they need. MC Family Support also supports families in groups, trips and Christmas parties and help access local services, as well as lots of other support.