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'Look not every man on his own things,

but every man also on the things
of others'
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The MC Centre homes a variety of support groups and services all in one place
Open in the Bridgend Industrial Estate is The MC Centre, Bridgend
Situated in Bridgend Industrial Estate, The MC Centre, Bridgend is open Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm to the public (8am-8pm for hired room bookings).
The MC Centre, Bridgend is for everyone, regardless of status or postcode.
The MC Centre Bridgend currently has the following facilities and services:
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The MC Centre Bridgend is currently home to:
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Floor Layout
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The offices are accessible by a DDA compliant lift

and stairs and has: 
double glazed windows, central heating, kitchen

and toilet facilities.



£100 per office (given back through last invoice).



6 month short term lease



Paid monthly in advance by standing order or Bacs (in line with moving in date). 
14 days prior to moving in, a 7 day invoice for the deposit and 1st month's rent will be issued. 10% charge per week includes: Business rates, electric, water/sewage, gas, cleaning of communal areas. Tenants also benefit from the use of the Meeting or Small Training room for free on a standing basis.

Meeting Rooms and Training Rooms from £5 per hour +VAT
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Our Small Meeting/Interview room at £5 per hour + VAT is suitable for up to 4 people - room includes 2 red tub sofas and a coffee table for a more relaxed meeting.

Our Large Meeting room at £8 per hour + VAT is suitable for either meetings or training and is complete with boardroom table with seating for up to 14 people in a u-shape stlye - room includes a flip chart, flat screen TV for presentations.

Our Small Training room at £10 per hour + VAT is perfect for workshops or training and seats up to 20 people cabaret style seating (16 people comfortably)

Our Large Training room at £15 per hour + VAT is ideal for larger workshops or training where a seperate break out area inside the room is needed. It seats up to 30 people cabaret style, or up to 40 people just chairs facing forwards - room includes: white board, flip chart, ceiling projector and it's own breakout area with an additional dozen seats.

Both our Meeting and Training rooms have a large breakout area outside the rooms, where free tea and coffee is available for bookings for more than half a day, where you can relax and have lunch between sessions. Buffet is available at £3 per head if required (£4 per head for any 'Free From' diet, or Greggs is across the road. 30 day invoices are available.
Family Contact Rooms £8 +VAT
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We have 2 large family rooms, each with comfy sofa's, toys and books to facilitate child counselling / assessments or contact meetings. A baby changer with mobile baby bath and potty is available for each booking at no extra cost. A kitchen area with dinning seating so families can be assessed in a natural environment is also available if needed at no extra cost. If you require a contact supervisor to manage contact sessions, this is available on booking at £10 per hour + VAT (this includes their time in the contact session, time in any further meetings and writing up notes if required after sessions). 30 day invoices are available.

Specsavers Free Counselling / Advice Room


Available to book for free counselling / advice sessions that are free to the public. Can seat up to 7 people.

Directions To The MC Centre Bridgend

From Bridgend

Enter the Bridgend Industrial Estate from
Cowbridge Road (A473) at first junction turn left onto
Chepstow Road, at the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
onto Western Avenue, then take the 2nd road on the left and we are located above Cooke and Arkwright.
From M4

At J35 turn on to Coychurch Road (A473) towards Bridgend, at roundabout take 1st exit and stay on Coychurch Road (A473), at roundabout take 5th exit onto David Street, at roundabout take 2nd exit on Kingsway, at roundabout take the 4th exit onto Westen Avenue then take the 2nd road on the left and we are located above Cooke and Arkwright.