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'Look not every man on his own things,

but every man also on the things
of others'
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Depression & Anxiety Support Groups are held at the

The MC Centre Bridgend,
First Floor, One Central Park, Western Avenue, Bridgend Ind Est,
CF31 3TZ

Held FREE every Thursday at 6pm – 7pm

The Support group is for anyone, we have no barriers at MC.
The support groups are delivered by a highly trained Depression & Anxiety facilitator who is bound by confidentiality and ethical guidelines

details of which are available on request.

Goals of Groups:

·         Better coping strategy

·        To reduce feeling of isolation and loneliness by providing a sense of connectedness with self and others.

·        To identify self-defeating behaviours and break through denial and delusion.

·         To practice and receive support for healthy living skills.

·         To receive nurturing and affirmations for growth.

·         To learn how to identify and express feelings.

·        To increase self-awareness and self-esteem

·         To provide validation, support, and encouragement.

·        To reduce feelings of shame.

·         To learn how to form healthy relationships.

·        To provide a trusting and safe environment for growth.

·         To learn how to care for self, how to care for others and how to let others care about them.

Mulligan Community is a non-profit Community Interest Company Limited by guarantee, which has been set up for charitable purposes to help the community of Bridgend. The name Mulligan is a golfing term used when a stroke is allowed to be replayed from the same point, and the last shot no matter how terrible is not recorded, it is as if it never happened, giving the player a second chance. We see every one as equal, despite their gender, age, disability, race, religion, abode, position, postcode, bank balance or past. We are focused on building stronger communities, so reinforcing our mission, vision and principles are our foundational values of: social inclusion, equal opportunity, confidence building, respect and positivity.
We understand the challenges and stress’ that today’s financial climate puts on our local community and we have a passion to support those on a low-income, that if left unsupported may find themselves a victim of poverty or worse still homelessness. Families and individuals on low-income can find their life restricting and stressful, but because of this they have often built up hidden strengths of resilience and resourcefulness and can have the ability to use these strengths to meet daily needs despite the challenges they face. They are able to confront various challenges in their daily living and often find themselves with strengths that other families or individuals on a higher income lack, such as: communication skills, problem-solving abilities and family organisation. Mulligan Community would like to utilise the strengths of the community of Bridgend and give them an opportunity to participate in programs and services that will increase their resources and opportunities helping to improve their lives and those around them.

If you are interested in our Depression & Anxiety Support Group please contact:

Amanda Kirk on 01656 645480


Deborah Jenkins on 07519 181087
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