There are a lot of great service providers in South Wales, but while many are household names, many still struggle to get their names and services known by both the community and other service providers so they can benefit from referrals and help more people.


Mulligan Community are joining hands with Service Providers all over South Wales to help stamp out poverty and social exclusion in South Wales through their MC Service Providers Partnership Forum


The forum is FREE to all and meets every 3 months for 2 hours each:


January’s and July’s forums are just for service providers, there are a limited number of talk slots available to fill the 2 hours (bookable in advance): new members can book a 10 minute talk slot and existing members can book a 5 minute talk slot, this is their chance to explain who they are and what they do and how to make referrals to them.


April’s and October’s forums are open to the community (advertised in local press), they have 10 tables available to service providers to display who they are and what they do for the community.


Members can also advertise their services for free on the MC website, so the community and other service providers can find them and their services easily.


Partnership is free and forums are free to all.




‘On behalf of Communities for Work Bridgend, I’d like to thank you for inviting us to this morning’s partnership forum. It was lovely to meet you and have the opportunity to network, the advantages of which are innumerable!'

Rachel Pick: Triage Support Worker for Communities for Work

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