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Press release: for Immediate release: 15.4.17

Plans for MC Centre Tondu delayed

Plans for one of the UKs biggest community centres set up to stamp out poverty and social exclusion in South Wales has been delayed.

After a 2 year search for the right property and 6 years planning for the main MC Centre for the County of Bridgend, one year ago the directors of Mulligan Community started making plans to purchase the former ironworks at Tondu, a year later their plans have been delayed due to a major grant programme being cancelled in March.

Mulligan Community already have the MC Centre Bridgend open in Bridgend Industrial Estate, but they are fast growing out of the 4,000 sq. ft. and need to extend to bigger premises to make room for all the businesses on their waiting list for cheap office space and to provide more cheap training rooms and extend their Help Hub and Family Hub facilities.

'Mulligan is committed to Parc Tondu and we are now looking to fund the purchase ourselves and through donations from businesses and the community' said director Amanda Kirk.

If you would like to leave your mark in helping to stamp out poverty and social exclusion in South Wales, by getting to the root of the issues that cause them -
by providing free counselling and support groups for all issues, disabled clubs, play rooms, family contact rooms and many many more services for everyone in over 11 acres of the beautiful historic Tondu Ironworks.
Victorian ironworks could become one of the UK's biggest community centres

But the social enterprise behind the plan must raise £500,000 first

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When the Easter Bunny came to The MC Centre

‘A big thank you to Bridge FM for organising Easter Eggs for all our MC Family Support families this Easter. The event was sponsored by Sainsbury’s Bridgend and HMP & YOI Parc. Our families were very blessed and we even had enough eggs to give the adults in our families an egg each too….thank you Bridge FM for organising this for our families.’
A BRIDGEND opticians is urging people to donate their preloved toys to a new centre – aimed at supporting vulnerable local children and their families.

Specsavers in Bridgend has already donated furniture to a counselling room at the Mulligan Community (MC) Centre Bridgend, which hosts services for the most disadvantaged and in need.

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In October 2016 we held two announcement events, one for Service Providers (sponsored by CSB) and one for the Community. They were a huge success with over 200 people attending.

The events announced where the MC Centre was based and when it would be open, we shared our plans and made promising networking connections for the future.

The main prize for our raffle in the Community Announcement Event was a Cybershot Digital Still W810 Compact Camera, which was sponsored by Sony, Bridgend and was won by Mr Paul Watson.
Bridge FM’s Community Stars with Valleys to Coast – making Housing Work!
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