What is Super Sibs?


Super Sibs is a new service that will support the brothers and sisters of individuals with a developmental disability with or without a diagnosis.  We will provide the siblings with a safe place where they have the freedom to be themselves and share experiences with other children in similar situations.


This group is for siblings aged between 9 and 16 years.  There will be a lot of fun activities but also we will be giving the siblings the opportunity to develop strategies and knowledge they can use over their life time.



Why the need for Super Sibs?


Sometimes it is hard having a sibling with special needs and good to have people to talk to who have some idea what it is like.  It’s nice to know that you are not the only one who has a brother or sister who is a bit different.  It is widely recognised that siblings of someone with a disability can sometimes miss out on doing things that their peers get to do because of the needs of the child with special needs.  This is where Super Sibs come in.





Super Sibs meet once a fortnight at the MC Centre Bridgend after school during term time.  During school holidays we will have trips/days out and various other activities.


For further information please contact us at: mcsupersibs@mulligancommunity.org or 01656 645 480

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