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'Look not every man on his own things,

but every man also on the things
of others'
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The Specsavers Free Drop-in Advice/Counselling Room - Available Autumn 2017
This will be available for help in areas such as:
Debt management, Legal support, Discrimination support, Single parent support, Relationship support, Bereavement support, Veteran support, Disability support, Youth support, Mental health (inc: depression, anxiety, self-harm), Abuse, Bullying, Mediation, and many more will also be available in this room.
This will be available at varying times through the week, a schedule of who will be available through the week will be advertised in the MC Centre, on our website, on our Facebook page, through local health services and through the support groups that will provide the services. Clients will not need to book or go on a waiting list or pay.
Free Wellbeing Appointment Room Ė Available Autumn 2017
For Health Boards and private counselling groups that operate on a free service, but require a bookable room for their booked appointments.
This room is available to the public or to organisations that need to book a private room to provide advice / counselling for Wellbeing.
Price: Free
Free drop-in Fitness Room - Available Autumn 2017
A free fitness room will provide four basic types of fitness equipment, such as an: exercise bike, treadmill, stepper machine and rowing machine. Research has shown that exercise is an effective but often underused treatment for mild to moderate depression. Regular exercise has also been proven to: reduce stress, ward off anxiety and feelings of depression, boost self-esteem, improve sleep, strengthen your heart, increase energy levels, lower blood pressure as well as many other benefits. However people canít always afford to pay to go to the gym to get these benefits and are reluctant to exercise by themselves. Strong social support is important for those with depression, so people using our free drop in fitness room will benefit from the physical activity and emotional support and company of others working out with them.

Clients will not need to book or go on a waiting list or pay, but they do need to be referred by an organisation / Social Worker or Doctor.
Price: Free
MC Clothes Swap Shop - Available Autumn 2017
This room is for people to bring in their unwanted clothes (but in good condition), and swap them for another item of clothing that they can use. Encouraging the community to recycle and to give their unused clothes to others who are in need.
Price: Free
- Bring a carrier bag of clothes you donít need (good quality clothes and no underwear please) and exchange them for a carrier bag of clothes you do need.
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