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'Look not every man on his own things,

but every man also on the things
of others'
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Imagine your community without poverty and social exclusion…. Imagine what that would look like... That’s what Mulligan Community aims to achieve throughout the communities of South Wales.


As a non-profit organisation our profits go to homeless projects, our day-to-day mission is to stop the rise in homelessness by Stamping out Poverty and Social Exclusion. To do this we go all the way back to what causes stress and anxiety in people’s lives.



Who can use Mulligan?


Anyone! We have no barriers, it makes no difference if you’re working / not working or where you live, if you have stress in your life and need support we’re there for you – either with our services and facilities, or by connecting you to other local service providers that can help you.


What do we do?


Mulligan provides MC Centres to help both the community and businesses in South Wales. For more information on what each Centre offers click on the below link:


·         Would your business like to sponsor Mulligan Community? Please contact us

·        Would you like to volunteer at Mulligan Community? Please click here

·         Are you a Service Provider and would like to partner with Mulligan Community? Please click here

·         Would you like to view our Impact Report that we call our ‘Thanksgiving Report’? Please click here

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